I am a strong advocate for open source software development and administrate a number of my own OS repositories as well as contribute code to others’ projects.

My preferred app development environments and platforms are Red Hat Linux and Android, using primarily Bash, Python, and Java; however, I’m also comfortable working in Windows, Mac, and iOS environments using C#, Swift, and other programming languages.

I also have an interest in front- and back-end web-development and maintain a number of websites and servers.

Open source dev

Head on over to my GitHub account (@toadlyBroodle) to checkout all my code. Here are a few projects, I’m most proud of:

App dev

Some of my apps have enjoyed much more success than others. Here are a few of my more interesting projects published on iTunes and the Playstore:

  • Stud Detector
    • Since 2013, this construction wall-stud finder, available on Android and iOS, has been my mainstay.
    • It works by sensing abnormalities, caused by wall-stud screws/nails, in the background magnetic field, as measured by the internal magnetometer (compass) sensor.
  • MinimaList Outline
    • Powerful, yet simple, note-taking app for organizing your projects, daily notes, to-do lists, outlines, journals, etc. all together in one nested, bullet point list.
    • This is my personal daily-driver, note-taking app for Android!
  • 8 Bit Fractal Explorer
    • Endlessly zoom through an 8 bit Mandelbrot set on your Android device.
  • Woodcraft
    • 3D wood carving simulator for Android devices, made using Unity 3D platform.
  • CalculatorWear
    • A wrist watch calculator for Android Wear devices.
    • Retired to GitHub after specious banning of Google dev account…guess the goo-bots didn’t approve of the following app:
  • Booble Level
    • Before being removed from the Playstore, this baby was getting ~16,000 downloads/day—not bad for my first ever app!
    • Since retired to open source space as an example of how to utilize an Android mobile device’s gyroscopes and touchscreen.

Web dev

I also build and maintain websites and host servers for a few clients and myself: