The state vs. free-market crypto-vigilantes

Throughout the evolution of cryptocurrencies, there have already been many winners and losers; and there are sure to be many more, as thousands of layer-two protocols, digital currencies, exchanges, marketplaces, and ICOs all compete for their place in the volatile crypto-space. But perhaps it’s the largest and most powerful Government States that stand to lose the most at the hands of the emerging free-market cryptocurrency networks?

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IBM, SecureKey Technologies upload Canadian citizen identities to the blockchain

IBM and SecureKey Technologies, a Toronto-based startup founded 2008, with approximately 100 employees, and offices in Boston and San Francisco, have partnered with the Canadian Federal Government and the majority of Canadian banks in a bold initiative to solve the ubiquitous problem of personal identity security and authentication. Collectively, they are building and implementing a new national identity blockchain technology for Canadian citizens. IBM and SecureKey are building the identity network using Hyperledger’s blockchain technology, which the Canadian government and major financial institutions are already integrating at the highest levels.

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Oscar’s day out

Oscar the destructive little porcupine
Oscar the destructive little porcupine

After the snow melted off for the first time this “spring” (oh it’s back again now, well played Alberta, well played — “it’s spring time…haha jk gotcha!”) we began noticing a number of trees that had been more or less decimated by a certain little porcupine.

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