Captured States of America

United States 2020 voting machines universally pwned

  • All voting machines currently in operation are trivially hackable
  • Alaska 2016 election server pwnd by lone Indian hacker
  • Pervasive denial of service attacks against 2016 voting stations along with endemic physical corruption of voting cards
  • Russians proven to have pwnd 2016 US election, resulting in total foreign takeover of US executive government and the fake president. #WorstPresidentEver
  • All proof of 2016 paper votes shredded in 2018
  • Logically safe to assume entire US voting system backdoored by multiple motivated hackers worldwide
  • Election system backdoors currently lying dormant, waiting to again wake up again in 2020
  • To assume the integrity of the US democratic electoral system is, at best, utter foolishness; at worst, active deception. Yet, ubiquitously, American authority remains intent on sewing this exact disinformation.

As a Canadian, I’m extremely worried about the Captured States of America. The Trump puppet and his Russian handlers have already dismantled much of the collective American institution. Unsurprisingly, Bernie Sanders now too has been undermined by the sham proceedings. In his place, yet another puppet has been fraudulently planted in the system: Biden will play the strawman puppet; probably unknowingly, given his state of mental decline.

Thus, the United States of America are presently the Captured States of America. Please convince me, yourselves, and the world otherwise by going fully paper redundant in 2020. This is a call for Americans to take back their sovereignty in 2020.

How is anyone cool with two geriatric, senile borderline-retarded, puppet-clowns “competing” for the 2020 sham elections? I for one do not recognize the results of such obviously deceitful proceedings. #NotMyPresident

While such a shameful mockery has yet to be made of the Canadian elections, we are by no means immune. Simply observing the sham elections of our stronger southern neighbors goes a long way in undermining what little trust there was remaining in our democratic elections.

Canadian citizens have never been able to directly vote for their prime minister in the first place. In part, this is why I, along with 40% of Canadians, don’t bother voting. #NotMyPM Our abstinence sends a stronger signal than just another phony print out from a pwnd voting machine.