Bitcoin rebalancing the scales of superpower

Thesis: if money is power, then the decentralization of money should undermine existing centralized superpowers.

Old money

Old money was physical and centralized: e.g. gold, silver, marble, granite, limestone, spices, oil, and even plain old ink on paper (i.e. fiat). TODO: link to titanic PoW article

The most scarce physical resources such as gold and oil have a long history of functioning rather well as money, either directly or as a proxy for value. Scarcity is intrinsic to value. Only a fool attempts to store up value in an unlimited medium of exchange. Know anyone who saves for retirement by stockpiling sand? Actually, my neighbor did exactly this; however, he did this only because he believed it contained trace gold. Subsequent his death, I cleaned up his property, inconclusively panned some samples of the sand, and then spread it on my driveway. Worthless commodities can still be useful, but never as stores of value.

Not everyone understands the intricacies of global financial markets, I’ve only just begun to understand how certain financial assets function. Nonetheless, I’m determined to grow what little wealth I do posses into the future for the security of my family. Do not remain wilfully ignorant of your financial future, that’s exactly what big banks and governments want. For them, it’s like foreclosing a house from a baby.

In the system of old money, the 99% are slaves.

Fool me once…

As bad as it was for most, the 2008 financial crash was merely a canary in the coal mine. Post 2008, anyone still refusing to exit the toxic coal mine is a fool and may pay with their life by lingering. The recent US housing crisis was merely a microcosm of the economic blunder that the US has unabashedly been rushing headlong towards: unconstrained printing of USD. And like it or not, as the world reserve currency, the USD is bringing the rest of the financial world along on its reckless ride.

Race to the bottom: what is the bottom? Insurmountable debt and poverty for all. For all; not just for the 99%, as is the usual aim of periodic recessions. Depending how sudden is the collapse, even the 1% will struggle to retain their supposed wealth amid a devastating devaluation of the global reserve currency.

But all is not yet lost.

New money

New money is digital and decentralized: Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

USD has dominated global finance since asserting itself as the world reserve currency. Shortly afterwards, America successfully eliminated one of the largest hindrances to it’s global economic power by eliminating that pesky thing called the gold standard.

Cyberspace is our generation’s great battlefield. Bombing troublesome foreigns into submission is so last century. In the 21st century, most of the largest militarized superpowers are ever-more aware that mass killings are not a good look. Seemingly even the US, arguably the most violent, warmongering superpower in history, is slowly wising up to this new reality. Over the past couple decades, US military tactics have trended towards more soft power—from boots on the ground to drones in the air, from carpet-bombing to precision guided missiles, from national wars and wholesale foreign invasions towards the use of third-party military contractors and corporate colonialism—to exert its global dominance.

Fool me nonce

The promise that decentralized protocols, such as Bitcoin, offer is a much leveler playing field between nations, regardless of their traditional economic standing within the existing financial marketplaces. I.e. the exchange rate of national currencies against BTC creates real accountability for all fiats engaged in valuation rigging via unconstrained fiat printing.

Lightning Network’s tl;dr: “fool me once, I take all the satoshis.”

Now that watch towers have been added to the Lightning Network, there is positively no fooling around with your funds.

In the system of new money, the 99% are free, the 1% their slaves–as was displayed during the Segwit battle between bitcoin miners and users.

New world disorder

American poverty

Joe Rogan: What’s going on with the homeless in LA?

“And I look down: literally homeless people everywhere.”

Drastic increase in people living in tents and cars. Skid row. “[LA] may as well be a third-world country. It may as well be an apocalypse. It’s the apocalypse for those folks…There are thousands of homeless. The numbers are so high, there’s not much [the police] can do. It’s sad…What’s the solution? I have no idea.”

Poverty in the USA: how poor people survive in the USA. Health and dental humanitarian aid.

Silicon valley slavery

Power has gone to the hackers, the online-anarchists. They hacked your Facebook. They hacked your Google. They hacked your bank. Hacked your crypto-exchange. They hacked your wallet. Hacked your election. Hacked your democracy.

Still, hope remains thanks to p2p networks. They’ve not hacked your Bittorrent. They’ve not hacked your Bitcoin protocol. Nor your Lightning Network. Praise be to the whitehats for developing peer-to-peer networks for the people! For they hath saved us all from the heavy yolk of the beast and its followers.

Furthermore, there’s absolutely no need to wait for the next big recession to hit to see the collapse of the US dollar. The greater Bitcoin Network has been putting an exact figure to the hyper-inflation of USD for over a decade. Most of us were simply looking at it upside down.

By 2013, it was all over; the US dollar was racing towards the 0 asymptote: worthless, relative BTC. As with USD, so too with all other fiat currencies.

Yet the legacy financial system desperately clung on to its hold over the Earth until the masses awoke and exited its crumbling ruins. This is no longer mere rhetoric, as the 50 year proven predictive inverted yield curve again sounds the recessional alarm.

Death throes

In a recent interview of Chris Hedges by Abby Martin, entitled No way out through elections, Hedges issues a dire apocalyptic warning:

Hedges: “Getting rid of Trump doesn’t solve the problem, as Nome Chompsky has pointed out, [Mike] Pence will be worse. Nome is right, we are a deeply diseased society…the breaking of those social bonds…creates a system whereby people engage in self-destructive behavior. Whether that’s the opioid crisis, suicide, gambling, [etc.]…Those who fervently seek the annihilation of others are really driven by longings for self annihilation. If we don’t address the rupture of the social bonds that allows for healthy society, getting rid of Trump ain’t gonna make any difference.”

Martin: “But how can the left ever challenge this kind of [institutional] decay that is going on, if the system rewards those that are horrible? The powerful are the greedy. They’ll step on you, and they’ll kill you, to get to the top.”

Hedges: “Disconnecting from the system…we think we’re the doctor; we’re the disease. We have to destroy the system, and that means mass civil disobedience. It means non-cooperation. It means obstructing, in every way possible, the ability of this system to function. That’s our only hope…climate change alone means that window is closing very, very swiftly. Those people will kill us. And in the end, they will carry out crimes of humanity that make what the Nazis or Stalinists did look like child’s play.

“They are now pushing us towards the complete extinction of the human species. And nothing will stop them because they are phsychopathic figures who believe only in their own personal enrichment. Mike Pompeo is cheering the melting of the polar icecaps because it will expose natural resources…Not only do we not want people like Pompeo in positions of leadership, but they are a guarantor that you, and certainly your children, will suffer tremendous misery and early death. We can’t play games with these people anymore.”

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Historical Socialist superpowers enslaved and slaughtered whole populations. The Nazis did it. The Stalanists did it. Communist China did it. China does it today: we know about their systemic concentration camps.

It’s disingenuous to think that Capitalism is the exception. The colonial British empire did it. The USA did it. The USA does it.

“There’s a peculiar amnesia in thinking the Socialists have a monopoly or extraordinary responsibility that Capitalism didn’t or doesn’t have. I find that kind of thinking bizarre.” — Richard Wolff


But what can you do? You can starve them out by trading in your old fiat money for new internet money. By exiting the old predatory, exploitative, inequitable fiat systems, you starve them of their primary powers of enslavement: inflation and taxes.

Am I here advocating for tax evasion? Absolutely not: render unto Caesar that things that are Caesar’s. As long as they continue to classify bitcoins as property, you can legally not pay taxes by simply staying in BTC. Just as with real estate property, capital gains taxes are only incurred when you sell BTC for another taxable asset. Simply, never sell out. Simply hodl.

Stack your sats before the State fully wises up to the erosion of their financial sand castles and attempt ever bolder clamp-downs on cryptocurrency. They will surely do so, as their lives and seats of power depend upon their strangle-hold over global finance.

But fear not. The reptilians have already lost and are financially powerless against the mighty, decentralized, unstoppable hashpower that secures the Bitcoin machine. All over the globe, nations are rising up against their corrupt and diseased overlords.

Buy Bitcoin sign guy

This is financial advice; ignore it at immense personal, national, and global peril. Why Bitcoin matters for freedom.