Pyramids and Blockchains—ancient and modern titanic proofs of work

Mines Goldmine in the clouds Pyramids Egyptian Aztecs Incan China China’s lost pyramids Cryptocurrency The most valuable cryptocurrency is that which is most decentralized, censorship resistant, unconfiscatable, etc. Undeniably, Bitcoin has been, is, and will continue to be the largest, longest, strongest, most valuable cryptocurrency. Energy and Work Proof-of-Work, The Fundamental Laws of Physics […]

Bitcoin stock to flow model

Stock to flow S2F Au, Ag, BTC – TODO plot historical Au, Ag, Bitcoin stock to flow data Dr. Saifedean Ammous’s “The Bitcoin Standard” Plan B: Plan B interview: Drunk man walking dog: Bitcoin is drunk staggering randomly all over the place, dog is wandering all over, don’t know where either are going […]

Dark Money

yes we have a few clues about Satoshi Nakamoto, but we don’t really know who Nakamoto is thus we cannot begin to predict her motives this is a problem, as she holds an immense amount of wealth 1 million BTC ~ USD$ 8.6 billion ~5% of all BTC first and largest pre-mine in history sure […]