Evolution Information

Biological evolution geologically slow Silicon chip evolution relatively slow Software evolution: machine learning fast Internet evolution slow Meme evolution Crypto evolution most mutations are fatal, most forks are shitcoins slow because they are socially evolved “Embedded in the structure of our brain, is also embedded the physical laws of the universe…Biological structure and intelligence are […]

Tesla Cybertruck: pickup, no—trickup, yes

Trick up:”put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive“ Hello World! Meet the dazzlingly new off-road king! Meet the ultra-heavy-duty workhorse! Meet a brand new class of pickup truck. Hello trickup! Names: Master of mod, silent killer, rider, real world warthog, armored armadillo, Body modification will be super easy owing to the thick […]

Pyramids and Blockchains—ancient and modern titanic proofs of work

Mines Goldmine in the clouds Pyramids Egyptian Aztecs Incan China China’s lost pyramids Cryptocurrency https://youtu.be/p0ftZgCEZos The most valuable cryptocurrency is that which is most decentralized, censorship resistant, unconfiscatable, etc. Undeniably, Bitcoin has been, is, and will continue to be the largest, longest, strongest, most valuable cryptocurrency. Energy and Work Proof-of-Work, The Fundamental Laws of Physics […]