Seeking hearty outdoor-grown Canadian cannabis genetics

As written, the recently contrived Cannabis Act is extremely oppressive for marijuana hobbyists, breeders, growers, and farmers. Specifically, the hard-cap of 4 plants, regardless of sex or strain, makes such activities all but impossible. I believe the law is ignorant and unjust and will grow as many plants as I please. Authorities continue trying to make a medicinal life-form illegal; such foolishness undermines any remaining tatters of credibility you may once have had.

Captured with GoPro Black 7 using 30x timewarp mode. Resulting footage sped up ~250x for combined 30 day, long duration timelapse.

I, like every other Canadian (weather they grow >4 plants or not), am subject to the search and seizure of my private property because of freedom-busting clauses embedded in the Cannabis Act. By no means is it the only Canadian law impregnated with such fascism, contrived to rob blind (otherwise) law-abiding citizens their freedoms.

Just wait til the latest misguided ban on “assault style” firearms comes to full fruition. For a certainty, it’s a massive power grab to expand the power of the pigs to oppress the people. I digress.

Selected genetics

At the end of my research, I selected 4 strains, based on the later criteria, outlining my desired traits. I bought them over the internet with cash, by using a Bitcoin ATM to send BTC directly to Vancouver Seed Bank. How’s that for a use case! Paid with fiat cash and my seeds shipped next day.

Apricot Kush

Ancestral Seed Co. description:

This new and exciting  strain features an intoxicating aroma, and very resinous buds. A superb yielder with good mold resistance, the Apricot is great outdoors, in greenhouses or indoors. An uplifting and euphoric high compliment the intense aroma. Warning!!!! These buds will gum up scissors and fingers with resin. Medicinally used for pain and stress relief as well as improving one’s appetite. Also a good bronchial dilator. (Finishing time mid-late september, yields up to 908 grams or more dependent on growing conditions) Flowering time: 8 weeks.


  • all 5 of apricot seeds sprouted and grew 4″ tall within days, noticeably ahead of other strains


Federation Seed Co. description:

Eight week flower sativa dominant with a cerebral high. Back in the 90’s we crossed the original Romulan with Island Sweet Skunk for this beauty, and it’s a stunning representative of what quality genetics can produce. Titan has a very pungent sweet basil smell and powerful flavor reflecting it’s lineage. Open colas that are easy to dry and cure, a true champion with superb resin content. More branchy than usual and vigorous growth makes Titan easy to clone and easy to maintain. Flowering time about 56 days, harvest outdoor about Oct 14th in Canada depending on overnight temps.


  • couple sprouts were also fast growers, others 2″ tall within week
  • 1 seed didn’t sprout, one about a week after all others

Island Sweet Skunk

Federation Seed Co. description:

Mostly Sativa, the Island Sweet Skunk mama was grown for many years as a stabilized Sativa-Skunk cross. The ISS Stretches like crazy with vigorous vegetative growth which produces very tall plants by fall time outdoors. Sugary long buds with long, thick hairs, are sparse at first, but will fill as it elongates and begins to swell after the fifth week of flower. The last two weeks will produce a dramatic increase in bud density, don’t harvest early as the most thickening occurs during this finishing period. Island Sweet Skunk has proven itself excellent for managing mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD. The cerebral high delivers a mood boost promoting feelings of euphoria and happiness as well as energy and creativity, which comes with mellow body relaxation.


  • 1 seed didn’t sprout, one about a week after all others

August Timewarp

Ancestral Seed Co. description:

Genetic lineage inherited from Texada Timewarp, White Grizz, Pine Warp and August Sativa.  Very potent, with a sweet perfume fragrance. Moderate mold resistance, definitely prefers to be grown in pots in full sun, with well drained soil and low elevation (below 2000 feet) Tendency for plants to turn purple as the temperatures fall. Medicinally used for pain and stress relief as well as improving one’s appetite. (Finish time mid to late September, yields up to 681 grams dependent on growing conditions)


  • most sprouts grew slower than other varieties

Seed germination and growth

The four strains (Titan, Apricot Kush, August Timewarp, Island Sweet Skunk), from Federation Seed Co. and Ancestral Seeds, were specifically selected for their endurance to high latitude extreme weather ( Their combined germination success was 90% (18/20).

The newly germinated seedlings were somewhat stressed by limited light (16W) early on, causing legginess, and later by a severe frost (-6C at 2m) immediately following repotting, causing drooping at the end. Remarkably, all plants survived these stressful conditions and have since recovered beautifully.

The Titan seedlings sprang up first and maintained a significant lead on other strains through most of the indoor growth period. The Apricot Kush seedlings generally took longer to leaf out initially but filled out thickest after the first month. The Island Sweet Skunk foliage suffered the most from being re-potted and frozen after moving outdoors.

Last year’s outdoor grow (Purple Kush I believe) turned out fairly well despite severe early frost that shortened the season

Initial pheno-hunt list

Desired traits overview: high yield, high potency, hearty, huge.

  • hearty plants that will thrive in extreme desert climate
    • withstand severe wind, drought, heat, and frost
  • relatively early finishers, before freeze up
  • uplifting, happy highs
    • afternoon use: energy, focus, sociability,
    • evening use: relaxation, euphoria,
  • huge plants with high yield and potency, duh!

Open source intel (OSINT)

Winners of Canadian Cannabis Awards 2019

Outdoor Canadian cannabis seeds shortlist

Proven hearty, high yield, outdoor growers:

Desired highs

Energetic, uplifting afternoon sativas

Federation Seed Co.: Cabaret (Island Sweet Skunk) “has proven itself excellent for managing mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD.”

Euphoric, deeply relaxing, evening indicas

Personal reviews

  • Cabaret (Sweet Island Skunk sativa)
    • lovely, uplifting, motivational, happy high
    • no paranoia, anxiety
  • Headband hybrid
    • nice cerebral high
    • could be stronger
  • Summer Jam, Twilight, and Oceanview
    • too weak

Primary literature


Historic Okanagan-Similkameen outdoor climate and weather trends

Recent Similkameen valley climate and shifting weather patterns