GPU mining may be making a comeback relative to ASIC

For many years now, Bitcoin mining has been dominated by the Application-specific Integrated Chip (ASIC), and long gone are the days of mining Bitcoin for profit with a central processing unit (CPU), a graphics processing unit (GPU), or even a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). However, thanks to increasingly popular altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), Zcash […]

The rise of Bitcoin and the demise of central authority

In their article, ‘the rise of Bitcoin doesn’t mean the end of banks. Here’s why,’ Dirk Baur and Niels Van Quaquebeke argue that cryptocurrencies are not trustless systems but merely require the transfer of trust to a different system. They claim that “While we previously had to trust financial institutions to verify transactions, with the […]

Russian billionaires jump on crypto-train prior to introduction of CryptoRuble

Alexander Abramov, Roman Abramovich, Roman Trotsenko, and Igor Rybakov are among the many Russian billionaires who are jumping on the crypto-train, prior to the upcoming introduction of the first state-backed cryptocurrency, the CryptoRuble. This should not come as a surprise.